A Night to Remember

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“See anything you like?” Scott asked before taking another drink from his beer bottle.

I took a small sip of my drink before shaking my head.

“Not really,” I responded, resting my arms easily on the railing in front of me. “Usually this place is better.”

My eyes continued to scan the dance floor of the club before drifting over to the area to the side, covered with tables and chairs. Every seat was taken, although very few were occupied by females that I would be interested in taking home. The place was dim, almost dark, with a distinct “gothic” flavour to the ambience. Over the dance floor, lights periodically flashed out and strobe lights created dizzying effects that made it difficult to successfully evaluate the physical merits of the various dancing females. The music was unlike that of other bars. No top forty here. In fact I had a hard time placing any of the songs, which appeared to be a strange amalgamation of eighties tunes, mixed with techno. It was a unique bar and the clientele was no different. It was hard to explain, but the girls had a distinct “alternative” appearance for the most part. Dyed hair, piercings and fishnets were commonplace, making the atmosphere particularly uncomfortable for the usual “bar star” girls that frequented the downtown clubs.

“Holy shit!” Scott exclaimed, snapping me out of my alcohol and strobe light induced trance. “Look at that!”

I followed my friend’s pointing finger to the middle of the sunken dance floor where I soon spotted a pair of girls grinding against each other to the sexy beat of some unrecognizable song. They appeared to be attractive, although the flashing lights made further investigation difficult. I could tell, however, that their bodies were quite nice as both females were showing ample amounts of skin. One girl had dark hair, although I could make out streaks of pink or purple racing through her messy but sexy hairstyle. Her body was lithe and slender, exemplified by her incredibly hot little outfit. Rising up from a pair of tall, black high heels, her legs were adorned with a pair of black fishnet stockings that ended just above the knee. And as if that wasn’t hot enough, she was wearing what had to be the shortest black mini skirt known to man, slit up both sides, exposing even more of her incredibly sexy legs. A matching black fishnet top covered the top half of her body, pulled tightly over a meager black halter top allowing just enough of her tanned skin to be seen so as to tantalize any onlookers. And onlookers there were. A quick glance around the bar and I realized every pair of male eyes (and a few female) were locked on the enticing couple.

As the two girls danced closer, my gaze fell back upon them, this time inspecting the dark haired girl’s blonde friend. The second girl was not as slender as her companion, with full round curves accentuated by a tight fitting shiny blue dress. It was the type of outfit one would expect to see worn by a stripper and I began to wonder if that was indeed their chosen profession. The slick-looking material clung to the girl’s gorgeous curves like a second skin and hugged her beautiful round ass as she swayed to the music. It ended halfway down her thigh, but a series of slits up the sides exposed a deceiving amount of visible skin. Similar slits were strategically located across the front of the dress, giving the horny onlookers an ample view of the girl’s more than ample cleavage. Her extremely large breasts contrasted greatly with those of her friend and looked as though they would burst forth from the shiny material any second. Her blonde hair was tied into two long pony tails that hung down past her shoulders.

“We should go dance with them,” Scott suggested, enthusiastically.

I just shook my head and took another drink. In my experience, trying to join in with two girls dancing was a suicide mission. And the more provocative the girls dance with each other, the less chance you have. With all that in mind, I figured our chance with those two were less than zero.

Even though I had no intentions of making an attempt on the pair, I could not tear my eyes away from them as they danced. Their moves varied from seductive to lewd as they ground against each other like a pair of horny teenagers. As I continued to watch, the dark haired girl kissed her friend full on the lips before spinning round behind her and gripping her sexy hips. The blonde close her eyes and tossed her head back as her friend ran her tongue up her neck. The dark haired girl then looked directly over at me. And winked.

I could feel something stir in my pants.

“Did you see that?” Scott exclaimed, almost blasting beer out his nose. “She winked at you!”

“Yeah, I know,” I responded, trying to act nonchalant.

My body froze and my eyes remained transfixed on the two girls. I wondered if they were simply trying to tease me. I tried to look away but the girl’s dark, sultry gaze kept me in place.

“Get out there!” Scott said emphatically through gritted teeth. “She wants you!”

I remained standing escort ataşehir in place, casually drinking from my near empty glass. On the outside I appeared calm, but on the inside my heart was racing. Suddenly the music changed songs and the two girls abruptly exited the dance floor, disappearing into the crowd on the other side of the club.

“You idiot!” Scott shouted, before punching me in the shoulder. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“She was just teasing,” I said simply, draining my glass.

“Well it was worth a try wasn’t it?”

I just shrugged.

“Well, I’m going to get another drink,” he said. “Want one?”


“Rum and Coke right?”

I nodded and my friend walked off shaking his head. “Idiot,” I heard him muttered as we walked away. I then turned back to the dance floor and then glanced quickly around the bar, hoping to catch another glimpse of the two girls. Suddenly I felt a sharp pinch on my ass. I jumped, startled by the feeling, and turned around. Smiling back at me was the dark haired girl. I froze and just stared blankly as her friend continued to lead her through the crowd by the hand. She stared at me with sexy, almond shaped eyes as she soon disappeared from view. I swallowed hard. That definitely was not teasing.

“Damon!” Scott said excitedly, rushing towards me and splashing rum and Coke all over his arm in the process. “They’re over there. At the bar! Fuck they’re hot! They look like porn stars or something.”

I accepted the drink and quickly slammed the entire thing. If I was going to approach those two, I was going to need some more liquid courage.

“Wait here,” I suggested before walking off towards the bar.

I manoeuvred my way through the crowded club and hopped up the short staircase leading to the bar. As soon as I reached the top step I saw them. Taking a deep breath, I walked over and spoke.

“Can I buy you a drink?” I asked, trying desperately to prevent my voice from cracking with nervousness.

The dark haired girl turned her head towards me and stared just for an instant, before a smile appeared across her delicate featured face. She was even better looking up close, with a perfect face that looked as though she had some Asian ancestry. ‘Perhaps half or even three quarters,’ I thought quickly to myself. She had a piercing half way between her lower lip and chin (I don’t know what those are called) and a black leather choker around her slender neck with the word “SLUT” emblazoned with tiny sparkling letters. She had a very unique look, but was still very, very hot.

“No thanks,” she said after running her eyes up and down my body. “I don’t drink.”

I could feel my heart sinking.

“Why don’t you buy my friend one though,” she continued. “I think she’s really thirsty.”

The blonde looked over and inspected me with her big blue eyes. In contrast to her friend’s angular, delicate features, hers seemed softer and cherubic, with a cute round face and pouty lips. She had a piercing too, although hers was far less noticeable and took the form of a tiny crystal stud, embedded in the side of her nose. At that moment I felt as if I was being judged, Both girls stared at me as if deciding whether I was good enough to be worthy of their presence. Now feeling very uncomfortable, I decided to speak again.

“Well?” I directed to the blonde. “What can I get you?”

She looked at me a moment longer before her visage softened and she spoke.

“151,”she said simply.

I was taken aback. I was expecting her to request something fruity with an umbrella in it, not a shot of the hardest alcohol the bar was legally allowed to serve.

“Are you sure?” I asked, furrowing my brow with disbelief.

She nodded.

“Don’t worry honey,” the dark haired girl said, placing her hand on my arm. “She can handle it.”

As she spoke, I caught a glimpse of something shiny flashing behind her teeth. ‘A tongue ring!’ I thought myself. ‘This just gets better and better.”

I approached the bar and ordered two shots of one fifty one, cringing as the bartender poured the clear liquid into the tiny glasses. I then pushed one towards the blonde girl who scooped it up immediately.

“Thank you,” she said with a soft, quiet voice before raising the shot glass into the air.

I lifted mine as well, and she tapped hers to mine before tossing her head back and downing the liquid. I followed suit, trying to keep myself from gagging as the fluid burned its way down my throat to my stomach. The girl licked her pouty lips with and rested her glass down on the bar.

“You know,” the dark haired girl cut in with a sexy smile. “It’s not very polite to approach a girl in the bar and not introduce yourself.

“You know,” I returned. “It’s not very polite to pinch a guy’s ass in the bar and not introduce yourself.”

She seemed un-phased and remained staring at me with that intoxicating gaze.

“Fair enough,” she said finally. “My name’s Kat, and this sexy little bitch….” She motioned kadıköy escort bayan to her friend. “Is Mandy.”

“Nice to meet you,” I replied. “I’m Damon.”

I shook Kat’s hand, and then Mandy’s, unable to keep my eyes from drifting downward to her breasts which were straining against the taut blue material that composed her provocative little dress.

“Ooooo,” Mandy squealed suddenly excitedly. “I love this song! Let’s go dance Kat!”

Kat nodded, but stepped closer to me. She then reached up and grabbed my head, pulling my face to hers and kissing me, her tongue darting into my mouth. Her action took me by surprise and before I could do anything, she pulled away.

“Thanks for buying her the drink,” she said smiling devilishly. “It’s going to make it even easier for me to take advantage of her later.”

With those parting words, the two girls spun and walked away without as much as a glance back. I was startled at their abrupt exit and just stood dumbfounded, hungrily watching as they left.

“How’d it go?” Scott asked as I resumed my original place by the railing.

“Not bad.”

“So which one are you going to go for?”

Scott was already back to lustfully watching the two girls as they danced together with seemingly renewed lewdness. Kat was running her hands all over Mandy’s body paying particular attention to her ass and tits. The scene was almost pornographic in nature and I knew it was only a matter of time before some clueless guy would try to join in.

“Neither,” I answered, eliciting a disappointed glare from Scott. “I think they were just after free drinks.”

I told myself that, but deep down inside I had a hard time believing it. Or maybe it was just that I didn’t want to believe it.

“Fucking bitches,” Scott cursed. “You want to get out of here?”

I was about to agree, but then Kat fixed her sexy glare upon me once again from across the dance floor. Raising a hand in front of her face she curled her finger and beckoned me to join them.

“Actually,” I said, starting off for the dance floor. “I think I’ll stick around.”

I didn’t look back but I could guess the expression that Scott had on his face as I made my way across the crowded dance floor towards the sexy pair. Kat’s gaze never left mine as I approached, my heart beating with anticipation. Immediately, she placed a tender hand on the back of my neck and pressed her hips into mine. I wondered if she could feel the bulge in my pants, and her knowing smile told me that she did. My body seemed to melt into hers and we flowed in unison to the music. I was beginning to be mesmerized by the music, lights and the feeling of Kat’s lithe body pressed into mine when I felt Mandy come up behind me, her extremely large breasts pressing into my back as her hands grabbed my hips.

“You weren’t trying to leave me out now were you?” she asked, before biting down softly on my earlobe.

I reached back behind me to feel the smooth surface of her dress pulled taut over her hips and ass as my other hand ran up Kat’s smooth, tanned leg. Suddenly Kat grabbed my hair forcefully, and kissed me long and deep, pushing her little wet tongue into my accepting mouth. I could feel her tongue ring swirling around as she shamelessly ground herself into me. She then bit down on my lips, staring directly into my eyes, with a determined sexy glare as she pulled away, my bottom lip snapping free of her teeth. Suddenly and without warning the two girls spun me around and Mandy took her turn planting a deep, wet kiss on me. The soft feeling of her pouty lips was incredible and she even went so far as to reach down and give my cock a squeeze through my pants as her friend ran her hands up under my shirt. I could hear her purr with approval her nimble fingers caressed my abs. She then began to pull my shirt up as Mandy broke free and started to lower herself seductively, looking into my eyes and still moving to the beat of the music. Extending her tongue seductively, she then just grazed the crotch of my pants with a slow sensual lick before rising back up to kiss me once again. I was in heaven!

I grabbed Mandy’s ass, becoming even more aroused at the feeling of the smooth material, tightly gripping her body. As our tongues danced I could feel Kat’s hand pushing its way into the front of my pants as her lips traced along the back of my neck. I gasped at the feeling as her warm hand wrapped around my hard cock, squeezing it and stroking it. I realized then that I must have been the envy of every heterosexual male in the place. I also realized that I needed to get out of there before I came in my pants. I was about to ask the girls, but Kat beat me to it.

“Would you like to come back to our place?” she asked, squeezing my dick with one hand and my ass with the other.

Five minutes later the three of us were in a cab.

The two girls sat on either side of me in the taxi, as my thoughts wandered. Was this really happening? I had been able to pick up girls at bas before but never girls this hot escort bostancı and definitely never two at once!

“So you guys share an apartment?” I stammered, trying to make conversation.

“Uh huh,” Mandy affirmed, shyly biting her finger nail. “We share everything.”

Her voice was dripping with innuendo as she emphasized the last word of that sentence. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and muttered a silent “thank you”.

A few minutes later we reached our destination and Mandy and Kat led me into their apartment, each taking one of my hands. The place was quite upscale, again making me wonder what they did for a living. Other than that, it seemed like a normal place, clean and comfortable.

“Want a drink hon?” Mandy asked, as she led me into the living room.

I declined. I had certainly drunk my fill at the bar and was already feeling the effects of the alcohol coursing through my blood. And I definitely didn’t want anything to interfere with the nights prospective activities.

“Okay, make yourself comfortable,” she said, motioning to the sofa. “We’ll be right back.”

“Actually, I need to use your bathroom if that’s okay.”

“Of course,” she replied as she followed Kat into the kitchen. “It’s down the hall, second door on the left.”

I took a moment to watch the two walk away, admiring both luscious asses but focusing more on Mandy’s. The roundness of it was exemplified by her tight fitting dress and it was driving me crazy. As they disappeared from the room I made my way to the bathroom.

Standing over the toilet I had to dismiss many of the dirty thoughts that ran rampant through my mind. My dick was pointing straight out in a massive erection which was making it very difficult to take a piss. After a moment of quiet contemplation it softened enough for me to go without splattering the wall with urine. As I finished, I reached down to flush the toilet but noticed something in the small garbage can beside it. I leaned in closer to examine the two small empty boxes.

“What the…?” I muttered.

They were empty enema boxes. Immediately my thoughts began to race once again as I tried to imagine what kinky activities the pair had planned. I then remembered something Kat had mentioned in the cab on the way there. She had said something along the lines of “You have to be clean to get dirty.” The realization hit me and my heart began to race. Yes, this was definitely going to be a night to remember.

“Hey there,” Kat greeted as I emerged from the bathroom and walked into the living room.

The two were sitting side by side on the sofa, nuzzled up together as Mandy sipped something from a martini glass. They appeared to be watching TV. Kat’s short black skirt was riding up so high, if she had been in a different position I was sure I could have seen much more than her delicious legs which were pulled up under her.

“Have a seat,” Mandy offered in a friendly tone shifting over and patting the cushion beside her.

Nervously, I walked over and took my place between the two beautiful women. As I sat, I looked at the TV screen and was astonished to see an image of a woman getting fucked from behind while her face was buried in another woman’s pussy.

“Porn huh?” I stuttered, not knowing exactly what to say. “You two are just full of surprises.”

Actually what was surprising was that they were watching the filthy video with as much nonchalance as a person watching the news. I tried to watch as well, but I was far more interested in the two women sitting on either side of me than the women on the TV screen. Suddenly I felt a hand on my leg and I glanced over to Mandy smiling at me with those irresistible, full, pouty lips. I was just thinking about how much I wanted to be kissing them when she leaned over and kissed me. For the moment I was lost in that feeling. Kat, the TV, everything just faded away as I relished the sensation of her soft pink lips pressing against mine as her tongue explored the inside of my mouth, twirling and lashing like a snake.

“Heyyyy, you little slut!” Kat said with a laugh. “You can’t have him all to yourself!”

With that, she grabbed me be the back of my hair and yanked me away from her friend’s hungry mouth. I now found myself gazing directly into Kat’s dark, sultry eyes as she pulled me in and kiss me. Her touch was not as tender as Mandy’s, but rather quite aggressive, forcing her tongue into my mouth. As we kissed, I felt a hand on my thigh, gliding up to my crotch.

“Ooooooh!” Mandy exclaimed, pressing the palm of her hand against my concealed cock. “It looks like someone’s getting turned on.”

Kat smiled as she broke away, but retained her grip on my hair.

“Is that true Damon?” she asked. “Are we turning you on?”

I nodded and then jumped a bit when Kat placed her hand to my crotch as well, giving my balls a fairly hard squeeze.

“Well then it looks like we’re doing a good job then,” she continued, directing her comment to Mandy.

The two girls then kissed each other. I was staring with complete wanton lust as the pair locked lips and engaged in a sensual, wet make out session just inches from my face. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. Kat even reached over and groped Mandy’s breast in the same manner as a man would do.

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