A Lolly Never Tasted So Good

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We’d been lying next to each other by my girlfriend’s pool. You see her parents are rich, able to spend the horrendous amounts that the water company charges each year for its use; together with the muscle-bound cliché of a pool attendant who spends each day fruitlessly skimming flies off before a new plague arrive the next day. She had given me a key to the side gate and told us we were welcome any time to come and swim, whether she was there or not, and today was one of those ‘not’ days.

My friend had resisted lying in the hot sun and done some lengths. I’d sat up from my heat-induced laziness to see him finishing his exertions. I had to admire his tenacity and willpower to break from the power of the sun.

Justin (or Just as we sixth-formers called him) had been in that clear cool water a long time and was climbing out via one of the chrome ladders at the deepest end. His Speedos were sucked tight against him by the water as he came out slowly, water dripping from his firm pectorals and iron hard stomach. I’d always admired his firm physique, carefully sculpted by hours in the gym and at aerobics which he said he did so he could watch the firm butt of the instructress and the folds where her sweating crotch moulded around her pussy. He came across as such a macho man, always loudly talking about cunts and tits when in the changing room at college. He never referred to them as vaginas and breasts, which at first had shocked a poor country lad like me who until my present girl, Siobhan, had never touched or seen a naked breast close up. Well, even now I still had not seen her tits or cunt.

I was looking at him from behind my mirrored sunglasses, realising after a while that had he been able to see the direction of my eyes he would have thought me queer. I was drawn to stare at the impressive bulge in his Speedos, emphasised even more by the cling of the wet fabric. He was flaccid but large, with a pair of balls that even though not fully defined looked more like a bull’s than a man’s. I knew I was well hung, from the secret comparisons I’d made in the showers and when measured during my masturbatory teens. However, he outshone even me with that beast of a snake! What was even more surprising was I found my own cock had become rock-hard merely from this voyeuristic episode of staring at his cock.

‘Hey, you’re straight, man,’ I told myself, ‘and so is he, isn’t he?’

I tried to hide the bulge, turning quickly onto my side, which didn’t help at all. My brain was whirring with sexual confusion. I was finding myself attracted, at least sexually, to my best friend Just. Why on earth should this be, and so suddenly when we had known each other for over 10 years, since high school?

“That’s an impressive lolly you have in your lap, Francis,” he said loudly, “Why it looks good enough to eat!” He added, laughing, then came over to me and playfully grabbed at my crotch.

“Hey, stop it! I must have dozed off and woke with a stiffy,” I lied, quickly thinking of an excuse.

“Yeah, sure,” he said quietly, sounding unconvinced. “I thought it was because you had just seen a real man’s dick coming out of the pool.”

I knew I was blushing, but how could I lie? He was right, I had been looking and was aroused by the sight and if truth be known wanted to see it naked and hard. This was new territory but given he had been such a macho individual at school; it felt somehow safe to have this conversation.

“Ok, I admit it; I was intrigued by the size of your pecker. Geez, I’ve known bahis firmaları you years but never knew you had such a monster.”

I stopped, careful to not say too much. Anyhow, it was just curiosity, wasn’t it?

“You had a growth spurt?” I added, wondering why I had never noticed in the school showers.

“Well funny you should say that. It has been in the last year since Trainer Jones put me on a new diet he has been experimenting with for sprinters. You have to promise not to tell anyone,” he whispered, as if confidentially, getting close to my ear, “but Jones got me some sponsorship from the Pfizacorp Sportsfood Company. In exchange I test their dietary products under strict conditions. Don’t you remember I asked you to do the same for your cross country running? You were ill and missed the briefing. Siobhan came and she is testing the diet for women long distance runners.”

“Yes, I remember now,” secretly cursing that I had had to miss the programme, especially now I could see its results. Then a doubt crept in, “but isn’t it dangerous?”

“Nah,” he said, dismissively, “Since the programme I have never felt better, and my sex life has improved ten-fold. I have become willing to do and try new things. I am much better for it.”

There was a silence between us. It wasn’t uncomfortable, more like that moment before two people kiss when there is anticipation yet hesitation.

“Touch it,” he said simply, standing over me with the water still dripping over his rippling muscles.

“What?” I asked in a hoarse voice, my head and body rushing with blood as I heard the pounding in my heart. Could I dare? Could I possibly touch another man’s cock?

But my hand was not listening to these doubts. It was tentatively travelling up towards the impressive package that hung between Just’s legs.

“Touch it,” he repeated, more an order than an invite.

There was silence as I let my fingers stroke over the wet trunks, tracing down from just above the root, feeling the wiry pubic hair that was probably matted to his skin. I found the base of his cock and pressed my thumb and forefinger to each side of the growing dick. My own cock pulsed in the swim-shorts, eager to break free. His too was becoming massive; too much for such tiny swimwear, but I kept his modesty, letting my fingers trace along its length that now strained hard against the Lycra© desperate to escape. The head was a thick, blunt bulb of hard flesh. I could not help but think what it would be like to engulf with my mouth. I played with the tip, finding even through the damp material the little eye that his seed or piss could spurt from. I traced back, my fingers firmer against the thickly veined cock, then under to assess the size of his warm balls. They seemed so heavy, even though trapped in their Speedo net.

“When are they due back?” Just asked, his voice hoarse like mine had been and sounding so sexy.

“Siobhan will be back from training in one hour, her parents are away for a few weeks,” I replied, hoping that this question would lead to another instruction.

And it did.

“Take off my Speedos,” he ordered; voice now hoarse but urgent, almost desperate.

I couldn’t get them off him fast enough. I clawed at the waist band, struggling to pull them out and over his hardness. Then it happened.

His cock sprung out, its tip slapping high on his athletic belly. He was uncut, so I slipped my fist around the magnificent cock and pulled the foreskin back to reveal the angry purple head. kaçak iddaa It was beautiful. Yes, here I was a seemingly hetero man admiring the thick hard cock of my friend. For a moment I was mesmerised by the swaying thick structure; long, pink and massive.

I knelt up on the sun-lounger as he continued to stand over me, his now-naked body glistening in the sun and his cock only inches from my face. He’d stepped out of his trunks and was proudly displaying his whole body to me. Yes, he was beautiful.

I felt compelled to kiss it.

“Suck me,” he ordered, clearly excited by the effect my unending sliding of my fist up and down the mighty pole was having on him. I saw the first drops of precum dribble from his pee hole.

All thoughts that this was wrong, that a hetero man didn’t do such things, left me. I continued to stroke his heavy balls with one hand and with the other pulled his faultless buttocks towards me so that his cock presented itself to my opening lips. I heard a groan of anticipation above me and looked up momentarily to see Justin stroking and pinching at his hardened nipples.

Within seconds I had my mouth straddling his cock-head, then swallowing the enormous dick. I tasted his salty precum enjoying its bitter-sweetness on my tongue.

His pulsing cock was filling my mouth as I began to squeeze at his enormous balls and pump my head up and down, taking the thick cock deeper and deeper in.

I felt excited, exhilarated, and unable to stop this previously forbidden act. I grasped at his firm arse, pulling him into me more and more. I loved the hardness filling my mouth and now my throat. It was a struggle not to choke or gag, but I was succeeding. My dick ached as it strained against my own trunks, wishing I could be naked too, but my focus now was to give Justin pleasure.

I heard his moans increase, worrying momentarily that neighbours might hear us before reaching a state of not caring. His sounds became animal-like, urgent, filled with sexual hunger. He began to fuck my mouth, pressing more and more against my lips, slipping the enormous dick further down my throat as I gained command of my reflexes.

He seemed as if he could fuck for hours. My jaw ached with the stretching, gobbling action as I gave him as much pleasure as I could muster. As I did so, so my fingers explored his balls and his arse. I loved the way his little anal rose opened when I touched it, so I teased at him, increasing the cries and moans from his out-of-control throat. I experimented, gaining control over his actions by thrusting my finger into him to increase his fucking or retrieving my finger to deny him and slow him down.

But there had to come a point when he could not take any more and would cum. I knew it was not far off when his groans became shouts of pleasure and his fucking reached such urgency that I had to use my fist around his enormous meat to prevent me from choking. He was out of control, using my mouth as a cunt or arsehole, not caring other than that he wanted to cum. So I sucked harder and finger-fucked him almost brutally; taking my digit almost right out then plunging deep.

“Oh, Francis,” he moaned, “I’m going to cum. Do you want to release me or let me cum in your mouth?” He asked, struggling to get the words out as pleasure overwhelmed him.

‘Why not?’ I asked myself, ‘I’ve never had a man before nor tasted another one’s cum.’

I held on fast to him, signalling my choice by fucking him hard with my mouth and twisting my finger in kaçak bahis his anus.

“Ooohhhhhhhh!” was the last word, if you can call it that, that left his lips as his whole body shook and his hot seed shot down my throat, warm and slithery.

I sucked on him harder and harder, eager to have and taste every drop. I was so horny, wanting it to happen to my cock, but happy to have been his fuck-mouth, a place for him to find pleasure with that enormous cock. I held him up as his legs gave way repeatedly while his orgasm washed over him and his spunk shot into my mouth. I pulled back slightly to feel the final shots spurt against the roof of my mouth, then used my tongue to spread the bitter-sweet cum over my teeth and the roof of my mouth, in an act at one perverse and at the other logical as I wanted to get used to its taste and texture.

When the pleasure subsided, I beckoned him down onto my sun-lounger and hugged him to me, saying nothing but pressing him close to me. Justin could not fail to notice my hard-on, but that was OK. I rubbed surreptitiously our cocks against each other; his spent, mine aching for release from its own Lycra trap.

I stroked the curls of his golden hair as he fell into a momentary sleep. Listening to the steady rhythm of his breathing, I drifted off too, feeling happy and without remorse.

I woke to my swim-shorts being removed, my arse lifted from the lounger and Justin’s mouth kissing and licking at my growing erection. He was letting out little moans of pleasure as he began to lick longer and longer strokes that started at just the tip, but slipped lower and lower until he was kissing around the hair-free root. I think he was momentarily surprised by my shaven crotch, but then excited too.

When his mouth engulfed the tip of my prick I was in heaven. He swallowed me so expertly, not taking such a long time to take me to almost the root. I was bigger than most men but still, unlike him, not impossibly so. I could feel his stubbly chin scrape and tease at my balls that had pulled up towards the root of my cock. It was heavenly!

My cum was building up in my balls, the characteristic ache that I got ten-times stronger than usual, and I was loving the scraping of his nails up over my chest and belly and the intermittent pinching of my nipples that seemed timed to synchronise with his hardest sucks.

My head was filled with images of his heavy balls between his legs swinging like a bull as he knelt naked between my thighs. I could picture his hard dick dripping with cum and slapping against his belly as he sucked me off. It was wonderful, so liberating.

I kept my arms up, my hands gripping the back of the lounger, as my naked body began to tense and prepare for a most intense orgasm. I tried to hold off, but the cum was boiling up in me and its travel was no longer preventable. I heard obscenities leave my lips, saying over and over things I had only ever fantasised about uttering but been too inhibited to say.

“Oh, fuck, yes, suck my prick; fuck me harder and harder…”

And then I came, my hips bucking up and pushing my cock deeper into Justin’s mouth.

You know, I did not care. I was mouth-fucking a man and it was exciting, pleasurable and wonderful! I was painting his throat with my man-seed. I did not even mind when I looked to my left and saw Siobhan on the other side of the patio windows; naked with her dress in a pool at her feet and her finger diddling her clitoris. That little nub was, if I was not mistaken, significantly bigger than anything I’d ever seen in a porn magazine. She was getting off on us getting off.

I knew in that instant our relationship was never going to be dull. I also knew I needed to be on that diet…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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