A Girl’s First Time

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It was a long day celebrating Independence Day in my home country. It was a hot night so after Keti and I came home to my dorm room, we both took a bath to try and cool off and freshen up. My school was old and did not have running showers, just a bath tub. We soaped and washed ourselves but poured water on each other. It was common in school to see each other naked so I was not afraid to have her see me. After the bath we dressed in our nighties.

We were both sitting on my bed and we were not tired. I had known Keti since we were young girls. We always ended up going to the same school. I was teasing her about some guy that she liked so Keti pushed me on the bed and I pushed her back. We ended up wrestling with each other. After rolling around trying to see who can keep the other down, Keti ended up on top of me holding me down.

She leaned over me and started to kiss me. I had never been with another girl before and did not know how to react so I did nothing. So she kissed me again and this time I kissed back. I had not kissed a boy yet so I wanted to feel what it was like to kiss someone. Then she began to kiss my neck. I just lied there not know what to do. She started to move down my neck and kiss my farther down. I still was not sure what I should do but I did not try and stop her as her kisses felt good.

Keti removed her top to expose her breasts. I just followed her and took my nightie off too. She began kissing my breasts. She sucked on my nipples and just lightly pulled on them with her teeth. She told me how soft my skin was and how good I smelled. She then said she has been waiting for such a long time to do this to me. Keti then moves away from my breasts and kisses all of my stomach and abdomen to my panties. She left no spot not kissed. She moved to my panties and began to kiss my pussy on the outside of my panties. She was teasing me. I could no longer feel the shock of what was happening, I was at her mercy and my body did not want her to stop. I was so wet by then. She teased my pussy with her fingers too on the outside of my panties. I was canlı bahis şirketleri getting wetter from her touch and was opening my legs wider for her to give her more access. Keti then slipped her hand underneath my panties to touch my most intimate part of my body. My pussy filled her hand full of my juice and she took her hand out and then licked her soaking wet fingers.

I had never been with another guy before let alone a woman. There was a time when I invited my coworker to visit my hometown that we had to sleep in the same bed and I woke up in the middle of the night to find her rubbing my pussy but pretended to be asleep still. This was different. I was actually participating and reacting to Keti. The electricity and lust took my body over and I was helpless to stop the unfolding night. I wanted to know if she was as wet as I was. So I reached out and slipped my hand under her panties to touch her pussy. She was just as wet as I was. When she felt my hand rub her pussy, she let out a scream and began to shake with pleasure.

Keti then removes my panties and positions me so my pussy is on edge of bed and kneels down between my legs. She spreads my legs wide and starts to lick my wet pussy. I am so wet from her touches, her kisses, and her lust. She licks my pussy as if she was so thirty for my juice, soft and then hard. She used her hands and spread my pussy wide open for her to fuck my pussy with her tongue. I lifted my head to watch her eat me out. As I did, I see that she has my whole pussy in her mouth. She would suck on my clit and then back to sucking in all my pussy again. Every now and then she would bite on my pussy lips and clit. I wanted her to fuck my pussy with her tongue. I grabbed her head and was forcing her into my pussy. She knew what I wanted and she obliged me desires. She then was rubbing my cunt hole with her fingers and then would suck the juice off. She told me how sweet my cunt juice tasted. She knew I was never with a boy so that I was a virgin still. She told me not to worry that she would not pop my cherry when she fucks me canlı kaçak iddaa with her fingers. She inserted all her fingers and started to spread them. She was opening my pussy wide. I was imagining that is what a big hard cock would feel like. Stretching my pussy wide, it felt so amazing. She would close her fingers and then open them again.

Keti told me to stand up and spread legs as wide as I could. She was still on her knees and tilts her head back to start sucking on my pussy again. It feels like she is trying to swallow my whole pussy. I could barely stand as I felt like cumming all over her mouth and face. But she won’t let me cum as she stops and does other things to me. Then while she is sucking on my clit, she takes both her hands and starts rubbing my ass. She’s massaging, squeezing and pulling my ass cheeks apart. As she does this, her fingers are slowly getting closer and closer to my asshole. She is driving me crazy. She stops and asks me to bend over the chair that I was using to hold my self up. She has me spread my legs wider for her. She starts licking my pussy again and moves to my ass and she is really licking me good. Keti is getting me good and wet all over my pussy and ass. She then starts to stick a finger in my ass. She moves back from my ass to my pussy to get my juice to help her fuck my ass. It felt so good while she was doing that. She slowly was getting her finger deeper and deeper in my ass, I loved it.

Keti stands up behind me and leans over me while keeping her finger in my ass. I can feel her hard nipples rubbing against my back. She kisses my neck and then takes her free hand and reaches around and starts to rub my pussy. It really feels like she knows just what to do to make me feel so good. Later she told me that I was not the first girl she has been with and that some of her tricks she learned from her boyfriend. She is now fucking me faster and faster and then I finally cum. I cum so hard, it felt so good. She stops rubbing my pussy and fucking my ass and bends down and starts licking my cum juice. She cleans all my juice with canlı kaçak bahis her tongue, does not let any go to waste. I can’t believe how amazing it felt to have been made to cum so hard.

Now it was my time to return the favor to Keti. It felt so good what she did to me and I wanted to know what it was like to touch a girl, to taste her, to make her feel as good as she just made me feel. I told Keti to lie down on the bed. I lie down between her legs and begin to lick her pussy. Here I am never with a person before and I dive right into licking her pussy. I want to make her feel as good as she made me feel. While I am licking her, I stick two fingers inside her cunt. She is moaning and telling me how good it feels. I fuck her with my fingers while I am licking her. Since this is my first time I really had no thoughts of how she tasted, almost like nothing. I would from time to time stop licking her cunt and use my other to rub clit.

She then asks me to stick my fingers into her ass, so I do and start fucking her ass. She then tells me to use two fingers. I did not even have to move my hand. She was enjoying my fingers in her ass so much that she was fucking my hand, not me fucking her ass. She was moving her ass up and down on my fingers. She kept saying how good it felt to have her fingers in her ass. I would lick her pussy too. She was practically screaming and telling me to go deeper.

Then Keti cums into my mouth. She fills my mouth with her cunt juice. I swallow all that she gives me. I take my fingers out of her ass and spread her pussy open for me. I lick the inside of her pussy lips and clit. I clean her pussy of the juice that did not get into my mouth.

She tells me how good I just fucked her and that she wants to lick my pussy again. I told her no as now that all the electricity was leaving me. I was now thinking of what I just did. I was becoming confused of my feelings. I had always wanted to be with a boy and wished it was a boy that just made me feel so amazing. But it wasn’t, it was a girl. It was my friend that I have known since we were kids. And her tongue on my pussy felt so good. Did I like girls? I loved how good she made my pussy and ass feel.

Keti left after that and we got together for more fun after this night. So I have more to share, but that story is to cum another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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