50 States of Sex Vol. 01 Pt. 01

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Volume 1: Maine

Volume 1: Part 1

Augusta Maine.

June 25.

Senate Inn – Presidential Suite.

“Damn, we are about to do it,” I remember thinking to myself. I was oddly nervous – I felt like a teenage girl again about to lose my virginity. I had butterflies in my stomach that radiated out to my nipples and breasts and down to my crotch.

I watched him beneath me. His chest raised and lowered in regular rhythm. I was straddled over his thighs as he lay back in the bed. My hands were pressed against his bare pecs. They played with the short thick gray and brown hairs that peppered his breastplate and spread out in all directions. I lingered in the moment. I continued to caress his chest, his shoulders, down to his ribs. He breathed in slowly, concentrating on my light massage. My hands wandered down to his abdomen. He sucked in a deep breath and I noticed a small shiver run through his body. I smiled wickedly as my teasing hands had elicited that electric response. My hands lingered on his soft belly then caressed their way up to his shoulders and down his upper arms.

He had lost weight and he looked good. He was toned and tanned and ready for action. He had also lost a good amount of his hair. He’d finally decided to fight fire with fire and got a cropped cut at the local barber. No hair salon for Jake. It took me a while to get used to it, but I began to take some pleasure in the raw masculinity of the look.

His eyes were closed. I stared at his face. It normally displayed hardness and the weathered lines of a survivor. But this evening it had softened. As I stared down in the candlelight his face seemed to change and mutate. It shifted like the sands on a beach. A wave of grave concentration gave way to curiosity and then anticipation. I even thought I saw a peace come over him as my hands warmed his chest. Then my hands shot down to his belly again and a tingling wave of electricity came over him. He opened his eyes and we both laughed.

“Tease,” he whispered.

“Just having some fun,” I replied. “Isn’t that what this is all about?”

“Oh this is serious business,” he retorted with mock judicial bluster.

I leaned forward and gave him a warm wet kiss on the nape of his neck. His hand found my cheek with a gentle touch and I held myself there, pressed against his body, feeling his warmth and his hardness against me. Then I sucked in some skin and gave it a sharp bite before sitting back up and lording over his naked body.

We both smiled. “Watch yourself, woman,” he tried to sound authoritative as he rubbed the red blemish on his neck. “This is going to be a long trip with lots of opportunity for payback.”

“That’s what I’m counting on,” I said. Then I steadied one hand on his chest as the other shot down to his erect cock that was lying on his stomach pointed upward to his chin. I gave it a quick squeeze.

“OK,” he smiled as he closed his eyes again. “That’s more like it.”

Augusta, Maine is home to several spas and resorts. We had chosen The Senate Inn to kick off our trip. To us, it seemed to perfectly match the town’s’ Romanesque name plus we wanted the first night of our trip to be in high style. The Senate Inn has three types of rooms – and we upgraded ourselves to the Presidential Suite with its own fireplace, small in-room Jacuzzi, and very large bed. Augusta is Maine’s State Capital and in fact one of the smallest State Capitals in the US. This was our first stop and we had much more planned. But you know what they say about plans . . . and that is perhaps why I felt so nervous on this first night. We had worked so hard to be in this position – to be able to embark on this grand journey together. And now we were about to consummate this commitment with our act of physical intimacy. I found it overwhelming, dizzying, and even quite sexy.

Of course this was not the first time Jake and I made love. Our two and a half year relationship started slow physically, but eventually found a rhythm that might be considered appropriate for two adults in their 50’s dealing with various stresses along with financial and physical constraints; which is an apologetic way of saying that we didn’t have sex very often and while it may have curled my toes it didn’t rock my world. It was good – not great. But there were lots of other things that made me yearn for Jake’s phone calls; that made me feel like a woman, a person again when I was with him.

Which is why Jake’s idea had seemed so strange when he first suggested it. He wanted to take a trip – a long trip. He wanted me to come along. In fact he needed me to come along because it only made sense with my company. He wanted to get started this summer and he figured it could take 6 or 8 months to complete.

“Well, all right,” I had stammered as he presented me with the idea. “Where do you want to go?”

“I want to see America,” Jake had responded quickly. “I want to see all of it – well as much balçova escort bayan as we can.”

“Wow, that’s kind of cool,” I had smiled back in all seriousness. I’ve traveled a bit here and there and I think I instinctively felt a similar urge. Jake didn’t respond and just let me think a bit more about the idea. “That’s kind of a big commitment,” I finally chimed in. “I have work, and the house . . . do we need to do it all at once?” I asked trying to be helpful. “We could just start ramping up our vacations a bit, you know, a week or two here and there.”

“Well, of course, we can do anything we want. But what I’m suggesting is not a vacation. What I want to do is change our lives. I want to make a break. I want us to connect as a couple.” He had tenderly put his hand on mine and urgently continued. “We both have a lot in our past. And the last two years have been great – they’ve been life-saving – but neither of us has been able to completely shed our baggage. We have histories – and they are great histories – but sometimes I feel I’m just a visitor in your museum. We don’t have that shared epic experience that couples starting out have,” he paused. “We didn’t raise a family. We didn’t get married. We didn’t struggle to get settled.”

I looked down. A wave of guilt rushed over me. “I’m sorry if I talk too much about Mike, it’s just . . . “

“No, it’s not like that,” Jake cut me off. He squeezed my hand and I looked up. “I want to do this for us, frankly for myself,” he smiled broadly. “A big part of this I know is me being a selfish prick, but I just want to fall madly in love with you and have something that is ours forever. I think it would be good for both of us.”

I was a bit puzzled since I thought he already was madly in love with me, but I honestly didn’t know how to bring that up so I just let it go.

“And that leads me to one other thing about the trip,” he sat back and said with a deep breath before continuing. “Do you remember as kids learning about the 50 states and the State Capitals?” he asked.

“Sure,” I replied. “That was a totally useless lesson in my opinion.” In truth I had found value later in life for these rudimentary facts but I didn’t want to risk some form of flash quiz by Professor Jake.

“Well, I loved it,” Jake responded. “For some reason I was great at it; it was like my grade school party trick,” he continued. “I could rattle ’em off in any order and at the drop of a hat. My parents would almost force me to do it during the holidays,” he laughed. “I was the idiot savant of State Capitals.”

I smiled back at him as he got lost in the memory.

“Well I want to go to all 50 state capitals,” he said coming back to the here and now. “And I want to do something in each capital. And that’s one reason why I need you.” He paused.

“Well, OK,” I responded and then waited for him to say something. When he didn’t I continued, “What do you need me for so badly?” finally playing the straight man and asking the question he was waiting for.

“I want to make passionate love to you in those 50 cities. It would be our rock n’ roll love tour. I want to make you want me; to yearn for our touch,” he paused and now waited for me. I didn’t say anything, and I’m sure I looked at him like he was crazy. “I want to make you scream with desire,” he finally whispered. “I want us to have sex like we are in our twenties again,” I started to blush. “Think of it,” he continued as he leaned in. “We can use this trip to have a physical and emotional intimacy that it might take ten or twenty years to create. We can do it in six months! It would be like a record,” he smiled at me trying to work his charms.

“Yeah, right,” I snickered. “I am way past the record-setting stage in my life,” I scoffed as I leaned back then looked directly at him. “What is this really about?” I finally asked.

Jake sat back in his chair and let my hand slip out of his. He paused and an embarrassed grin fell over his face. “Truth is I’m scared,” he finally confessed. “When I’m over at my place I sleep like crap and I don’t know why. Something is nagging at me. Call it my mid-life crisis, but I have more summers behind me than I have ahead of me. I don’t want to waste them. And I don’t want you to waste yours.”

I knew what Jake was talking about. In the past 3 years we both lost our remaining parents. The last 2 years of my Mom’s life was full of crisis, loneliness, guilt and some regret. I vowed not to go out that way. But I also hadn’t done a damn thing to change- except to finally seek out a lover to share the time I had left. And now that lover was reminding me of a promise I had made to myself.

“Wow, so when you have a mid-life crisis you really have a mid-life crisis,” I joked. “Couldn’t you just buy a convertible or a Tesla like most men your age?” Jake smiled but didn’t respond.

“Hmm,” I sighed while he waited for me to continue. “Why the sex part?” balçova escort and even as I asked the question I knew the answer. A tingle shot through my body. Blood rushed to my groin and red corpuscles changed the color of my cheeks, neck and chest. Was I blushing out of embarrassment? I don’t think so. It was something else. Something more primal.

Jake stood from his chair then dropped to his knees as he moved his body in front of where I was sitting and pressed his body between my thighs. I felt his warm breath and then his hungry lips found mine. He pulled me to him and we stayed there for a moment. My blood was now on high alert as it rushed to my skin, my breasts and my stomach, vacating my head. I felt light headed.

I broke the kiss for a moment. “What about my job and . . . “

“Shhh,” Jake whispered. I think I have it all worked out. Then I dropped my lips back to his and something stirred in me that I hadn’t felt in a very long time.

In that moment I knew my answer was yes, I would take the trip. It took two more months of convincing, planning and Jakes considerable charm before I actually acknowledged this to Jake – but it was a done deal with that kiss – and the sex that Jake and I discovered that night.

So that brought us to our first stop – the Senate Inn in Augusta, ME. I was straddled over Jake’s hips, dressed in a white Romanesque toga, sporting a Greek Goddess hairstyle, Jake’s engorged penis in one hand and feeling either like I was about to jump out of an airplane or throw up – or both. Once we did this, once we made love in Augusta, I felt there was no turning back. This was the point of no return.

“What if I sucked at this,” I thought. “What if I can’t keep him interested?” Talk about pressure. Not only was I worried about making love that night – but for 49 more nights down the road. And then a more devastating fear entered my mind. “What if Jake sucked at this?” I thought.

Ugh. I shooed the worry away. I held Jake’s cock firmly in the palm of my hand and tickled it with my forefinger. I looked at that face; the face of a crazy man who was leading me either to the best experience of my life – or to my ruin.

I raised my hips and tucked his 8-inch appendage under the white toga that was spread out over his thighs. I guided the purple tip to my lips. I slowly moved my hips back and forth and the sensitive head of his shaft divided my swollen flesh. It found warm and wet skin awaiting its arrival underneath. I slowly continued the motion. More wetness flowed. The top of his penis found my own little nub causing a quick electric shock to bolt through me. I closed my eyes. I liked it. I worked in another rub, then another. My breathing became heavy. I could continue this for a while, but Jake’s sudden hip movements signaled he was ready.

I raised my hips once again and positioned my opening just above his hard cock. I opened my eyes. Jake caught my gaze. We smiled. Then I lowered myself. His penis penetrated me two inches before I raised myself up. Then again I lowered my hips and this time I had taken four inches of his pulsating shaft. One more motion upward and then I sat down hard, impaling myself on his hips and feeling him go deep inside my pussy. I ground my clit into his pelvic bone and dropped my head as I concentrated on the pressure and friction. Shudders ran through me. I let up some of the pressure and then I started small circular motions with my hips. His cock rubbed slightly in and out of my cunt, and I could feel it inside me, rubbing the sides of my pussy wall. He was filling me. Meanwhile my clit was brushing up against his lower shaft and pelvis. With each rotation my clit felt the lick of skin and pubic hair. It tickled and excited.

I raised my head. We had placed a mirror on the headboard and there I saw myself reflected back illuminated by the candlelight. The white toga shimmered and draped my body in soft flowing ribbons. My long blond hair (colored to hide some of the gray) was partly braided like a Greek goddess and included some long loose strands that hung over my shoulders. Like Jake I had taken to the club in the ensuing months after our bon voyage to get myself in shape for our adventure. My toned shoulders and arms looked like those of a woman warrior. At that moment I wanted to fling off the purity of the white toga hiding my body. I wanted to reveal how the rest of my naked body looked as I rocked my sheath back and forth over my man’s spear. Were my breasts more pert and engorged? Was my stomach, with just enough mid-life fat to create delicious curves, heaving and shaking in anticipation? Were my muscular thighs clenched tight around Jake’s hips? Did I look like a Roman Goddess? Could I make men bow down to honor my beauty and strength?

By now Jake’s motion had matched mine. We performed perfect concentric circles; his shaft finding all the deepest places inside of me. His pelvis was creating electric escort balçova shocks with each stroke on my clit. I suddenly changed the motion. Now I lifted myself up, emptying my womb of his weapon, and then feeling the loss I impaled myself again. Jakes’ hips were pressed down into the mattress and we both let out groans. I swirled my hips and then repeated the action and once again – upon feeling the emptiness inside I smashed my hips down to take all of him. This time Jake met my motion. His hips thrust upward and softly met my downward push. I felt his cock deeper now. Harder even.

Jake grabbed my hips over the toga. Now he guided me back and forth, up and down with vigorous movement. His hips began to jackhammer up and down on the mattress, meeting my pussy lips and pressing hard against my hard protruding clit.

I caught myself again in the mirror. The candlelight had wiped away age lines and blotches. My face looked youthful as I opened my mouth. My jaw slackened. My lips formed an ‘O’. My breathing was quick and rapid. I saw my eyes widen in anticipation. I felt a wave start. It took a moment. It stirred in my groin. I could feel my stomach shake and my thighs tighten and they began to convulse. Then it shot through me. I crashed my hips down on Jake. I hurled by body down on his chest and he moved his arms to hug me and pull me into him.

And then Jake’s thrusts grew in intensity as he felt me come, convulse and shake in his arms. With one last thrust he pressed even deeper into me. He raised his hips off of the mattress and me along with it. He pumped his semen into my pussy. I could feel one, two, three spurts of warm sticky moisture and felt his shaft throb and widen. He let out a low long groan that vibrated through both his body and mine. The second wave of electricity broke through my body. I could feel my nipples, hard and sensitive, rub up against the white linen and press into Jake’s chest. Jakes’ hips fell back to earth and we lay there shaking and breathing.

After a few moments, when I felt there were no more electric shocks to be had, I rolled off of Jake. We looked at each other. Smiles broke on our faces. I felt our co-mingled juices escape from between my legs and imagined them staining the pure white toga that was still wrapped around my naked body, but now in a contorted tangled web of ribbon.

“Wow,” I exhaled. “That wasn’t too bad a start for little old Augusta Maine,” I offered.

“No, not too bad,” Jake managed to wheeze as he was still catching his breath. “The toga was a great and sexy idea,” he complimented.

“Well Augusta is the Roman name for Majestic woman,” I reminded him. To prepare for the trip we had researched each state capital for tourist sights and places to see. It didn’t take us long to come up with the idea that our sex in each capital should somehow be inspired by the city. Augusta was the first one we had discussed. It had been months ago when we decided on the Roman theme so it was probably a bit of a surprise for Jake to finally see it come true. It had taken me longer than I care to admit to braid my hair and perfect the Greco-Roman look. But once I got in the car I knew it was a good call. Jake kept staring at me with increasingly wanton looks during the entire trip down from Bangor.

“I wonder if Montpelier will be as good?” I asked out loud.

“Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” Jake offered. “Is there anything in the rule book that says we can only have sex in each Capital city once?”

“Are you serious?” I looked first in his eyes, then down to his half erect member still dribbling white fluid.

“Well, maybe give me a few minutes, and a run in that Jacuzzi, but I might be ready?” Jake said hopefully.

“Well, OK,” I offered. “Remember, it’s a long trip big boy and we have big plans. But we can do whatever we want.”

With that, I curled up next to my crazy, leaner, balder lover. I threw an arm around his chest and rested my head on his shoulder. In a few minutes I heard the heavy breathing of sleep growl through his chest. “OK, big boy. Maybe in the morning,” I thought just before sleep took over and sent me to dream of Roman goddesses, warrior men and discarded toga’s lying in the grass.

Fun Maine Facts:

Capital: Augusta, Population 11k (2010 census)

Motto: I Lead

The Name: Augusta is named after Augusta Dearborn, daughter of Henry Dearborn, a Revolutionary War hero. The name Augusta is Roman and is the female form for Majestic or Grand (the male version being Augustus).

Statehood: Maine was originally part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. It was not part of the original 13 US States in part due to border disputes with the British and the French but was considered a territory of the new US. Border disputes were resolved in later years. It became a state in 1820.

Attitudes toward sex:The state of Maine was one of the first states to allow gay marriage. The state of Maine has had one of the lowest rates of teen pregnancy in the US and is backed by a strong sex ed requirement in schools. Adam and Eve rank Maine as
out of 50 in terms of sex toy purchases.

Maine Sexy Celebs: Patrick Dempsey or McDreamy to Grey’s Anatomy fans, hails from the great state of Maine.

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